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Chamberlains' Accounts

The Chamberlains' Accounts


What events are recorded in the Accounts?

  • The acquisition of Blackfriars by the city in 1538, almost immediately after the dissolution of the Dominican friary, proved to be a major landmark in its history, not least because the appearance and function of the entire precinct were transformed.
  • Over the following years, the nave of the church was converted into a ‘common hall’ for the use of the corporation, a substantial part of the site was let out to tenants, a large grain store was created for the benefit of the citizens and there was even briefly a schoolhouse, before the boys moved into their permanent home in the cathedral close. You can view an animation of The Halls during this period, which details many of these alterations.
  • These and many other changes are recorded in the city’s copious sixteenth-century archives, most notably in the pages of the chamberlains’ account books.For a quick overview of the major changes, click here.
  • If you would like to read the documents for yourself, we have provided a transcription.
  • If you would like to the Accounts in person, you will need to visit the Norfolk Record Office, Norwich (or NRO as it is more commonly known). You should ask to see NRO, NCR, 18A/6.
  • The NRO collects and preserves records of historical significance for the county of Norfolk and makes them accessible to as wide a range of people as possible. Most important it holds a variety or records that can tell us more about Norwich Blackfriars.

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