Timeline of changes

How have the Buildings Changed?

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Quick Guide:

  • c. 1250: The original site was owned by the fiars of the Sack.
  • 1307: The site was taken over by the Dominican Friars, replacing their precinct ‘over the water’
  • 1345: The black friars were confirmed in possession of all those lands acquired since their occupation of the new site. The site expanded significantly, and many of the earlier buildings were replaced and a new church was built. However, parts of the original structure were retained.
  • 1413: The church and friary were destroyed by fire, forcing the friars temporarily to move back to their home across the river.
  • 15th century: After the fire, plans were immediately made to rebuild the Dominican friary. Masons began constructing a magnificent church. The friars reoccupied the buildings in c.1449, although the whole site was not completed until c.1465-70.
  • 16th century: The building changed significantly after the Reformation. Click here to read some of the building accounts.
  • 1712: The tall, hexagonal tower built over the chancel arch became unstable and collapsed.