Preaching Yard

Can I see the Preaching Yard?


The preaching yard
[In the preaching yard large congregations would have gathered to hear the friars preach. Photographer: Christopher Bonfield]
  • All the Order of Friars were famous for their preaching, but the Dominicans were actually known as friars preachers because their Order had been set up specifically to preach against heresy.
  • Dominican churches were constructed with massive naves to accommodate large congregations and provide the best possible acoustics so that everyone could hear the word of God. During the fifteenth century the nave of the Norwich Blackfriars was no fewer than 123' long and 64' wide.
  • The friary also had an outside preaching yard on the south front (facing St Andrew’s church) where even larger numbers of people gathered around the pulpit on feast days. This feature was retained after the Reformation.
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